The growth of a Westminster voice in favour of more integrated, global policymaking – the fourth largest unofficial ‘party’: Simpol

“Simpol has always been a powerful voice for progressive global politics – and it just got louder”.

simpol latest headerSimultaneous Policy (Simpol-UK), the voice for global solutions in parliament, has become the fourth largest unofficial ‘party’ in Westminster. There has been a 38% increase in elected MPs pledged to implement its global justice agenda. The group includes candidates from all the major parties – including Conservative, Labour and the SNP – who echo their national success by making up 31% of Simpol’s parliamentary collective.

The Simultaneous Policy campaign invites citizens in the UK, and citizens around the world, to use their votes in a powerful new way to encourage politicians to solve global problems like global warming, financial market regulation, environmental destruction, war, and social injustice. By supporting Simpol they are telling politicians that they will be voting in future national elections for ANY candidate, within reason, who has signed the pledge; a declaration of support for a process leading to the simultaneous implementation of a range of policies to solve global problems.

john bunzl 2Co-founder and director John Bunzl says: “Following a pre-election campaign that saw 630 candidates from across the party spectrum sign its pledge, the citizen-led Simpol campaign is celebrating an increase in its representation in the House of Commons – with 29 elected MPs now confirmed. The number makes Simpol’s collective of MPs the fourth largest unofficial ‘party’ in Westminster”

The MPs who signed this pledge could prove a decisive voice in favour of more integrated, global policymaking in the next five years. The pledge’s condition of simultaneous implementation avoids any nation suffering a first-mover competitive disadvantage – something that presently hampers substantive agreement on issues such as corporation tax, tax evasion and climate change.

Simpol will be working with all its MPs to broaden support for the campaign in parliament. UK citizens are asked to sign the Simpol Petition to encourage more MPs to support the campaign.


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