A move in the direction of collaboration? NHA Campaign Team: Come on Jez, you can!

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A call for co-operation from the National Health Action Party’s administrator has arrived and the reply included the video link forwarded by Lesley Docksey – to Jeremy Corbyn speaking at Tredegar – with the comment: “brilliant summing up of Bevan, housing and health etc”.

Deborah Harrington, NHAP administrator, replied, after seeing the video, that she is cautiously optimistic, but that NHAP knows people who have had ‘proper’ conversations with JC about the NHS and have come away saying that he knows very little about the reality: “We can’t expect overnight transformations of the Labour Party. It’s more than just Jeremy Corbyn and as it stands his NHS advisors will be mostly from the wrong side of the argument . . . so steeped in privatisation, where will any public service voices come from?

The writer, however, has more confidence in his ability to select good advisers from every sector, including those who will share this common concern about the NHS – and he really needs input on other issues, for instance the minutiae of current dairy farming problems.

A discussion before the event

A discussion before the Tredegar address

Deborah continues: “Despite that crackingly good speech I still hope he takes up Clive’s offer”.

The administrator is appealing for members and supporters to “overflow the inboxes of Jeremy Corbyn and Heidi Alexander with NHA words of wisdom”. Continuing:

“Ask them to embrace a better politics and work with the NHA to reinstate the NHS.

“We are not metamorphosing into a pressure group – we are still a political party. But this is our big chance to get Labour’s health policy back to Bevan’s Basics and we believe that Labour’s best chance is to work with the NHA; not rely on the only too willing advice of New Labour’s old guard or the management consultants who sell themselves as experts in NHS ‘reform’.

“Clive has already written to Jeremy Corbyn, the new opposition leader and will be writing to Heidi Alexander to welcome her to the post of Shadow Health Secretary and to offer NHA’s expertise and evidence based advice to create a health policy we can all be proud of”.

Mr Corbyn will probably agree that as they say, his landslide victory and the welcome appointment of Heidi Alexander do not erase Labour’s failure in opposition to defend the NHS since the Health and Social Care Act in 2012 or their own destructive policies of Private Finance Initiative, Unsustainable Provider Regime and the introduction of an internal market that paved the way for the fragmentation and sell-off of our NHS”.

Further points from the NHAP mailing:

The NHS is under threat:

  • Devolution of health services to Local Authorities (taking the N out of the NHS)
  • Integrated health and social care with no proper funding and in an unstable landscape of health provision.
  • The displacement of public health to chronically underfunded Local Authorities.
  • The closures and the threat of still more downgrading and closures to hospitals and services.
  • The introduction of US style care organisations.

We’re calling for an NHS that is:

Publicly Funded

Publicly Owned

Publicly Provided

Publicly Accountable

Write now to Heidi Alexander, heidi.alexander.mp@parliament.uk, or send a letter to Heidi Alexander, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

Write now to Jeremy Corbyn, corbynj@parliament.uk, or send a letter to Jeremy Corbyn, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.


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