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Lockdown peace for some Duderstadt residents

Those living near a drug addict in Duderstadt Close, Paganhill (above), who have been regularly woken up in the small hours by the arrival of his supplier, welcomed his eviction.

A housing officer arrived one day with two burly assistants and apparently just said “Out!” and that was it.

Three questions are asked:

  • Why did it take so long to address this illegal and disruptive behaviour?
  • Where did the evicted person go? Was he merely moved on the distress a new set of neighbours?
  • Are there centres where such people can be rehabilitated?

Next post: two more Duderstadt tenants in need of rehabilitation




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The entrance lights to Walter Preston Court are now working

walter preston court (2)

In an earlier post we noted that for months, despite repeated phone calls to Stroud District Council made by several residents, the lights outside the entrance to Walter Preston Court had not been working.

Residents, some with mobility and eyesight problems, were afraid to return home after dark and – especially in winter – had to leave events early.

In future, problems should be addressed more rapidly, as Stroud District Council is switching to directly employed in-house labour instead of contractors.

They believe that council tenants will notice an improvement to the way their repairs are carried out from April 2020.





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SDC housing tenants look forward to a good service from the new in-house repair and maintenance team


For years Stroud District Council (SDC) has been led by a cooperative alliance of the Labour, Green and Liberal Democrat parties – a ‘rainbow alliance’ (below).

SDC is the only authority in Gloucestershire which owns and manages its social housing. Like many housing organisations across the country they are switching to directly employed labour. In 2015 they brought their heating services team in-house and tenants reported much higher levels of satisfaction.

For many years, SDC used two contractors to provide repairs and planned maintenance to their stock of around 5000 council homes in the district: Mi Space in the south and NKS Contracts Central Ltd in the north.

They believe that council tenants will notice an improvement to the way their repairs are carried out from April 2020 because the service is being brought in-house in order to improve quality, increase customer satisfaction and – in the long term – save money.

The new service will be based in Littlecombe near Dursley which has good transport links to the SDC’s stock of homes that span the district.

SDC will be investing in the latest technology to make sure their service is efficient and customer focussed.

The tenants will be involved in shaping the new service telling us their priorities and working alongside us to make sure we keep our promises.

SDC would like to hear from any council tenant reading this blog who would like to get involved by phoning: 01453 754182 or emailing

Read the SDC news here: