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Economic revolution – this time in the interests of the general public



“We’re working to change the UK money system, in order to create a fairer society and a more stable economy” say Positive Money – a movement to democratise money and banking so that it works for society and not against it.

Quantitative easing? When new money is created, it should be used to fund vital public services or provide finance to businesses, creating jobs where they’re needed, instead of being used to push up house prices or speculate on the financial markets . . .

pm conway hall 14People of all ages are rallying to support this work, see some of those attending their 2014 conference in Conway Hall London.

One adviser comments:

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From their website:

We need a change. The power to create money should only be used in the public interest, in a democratic, transparent and accountable way. The 1844 law that makes it illegal for anyone other than the Bank of England to create paper money should be updated to apply to the electronic money currently created by banks . . .

Much of the post-election analysis has pointed towards the handling of the economy as a key factor in the party’s electoral success. But beneath the headline economic indicators is a far more complex picture. For millions of people, the recovery has barely been noticeable and the ratio of household debt to income will soon surpass its pre-crisis level.

A leading economist says:

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Positive Money:

In the next Parliament we will campaign for Parliamentary monetary commission to be set up to analyse the role of money within banking. However, right now we are getting ready to head to 10 Downing Street.

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We are taking our message, that money creation should only be used in the public interest, to David Cameron. Next Tuesday 26th May, members of the Positive Money team and supporters will deliver this petition (signed by over 12,000 people) to 10 Downing Street.


Readers are welcome to join us! Email dora@positivemoney.org to find out how.

Can you help us reach 15,000 signatures before next Tuesday?
Share our petition: http://www.positivemoney.org/petition/